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DONATE  Your Time, Talent, and Treasure

There are many different ways you can actively participate in the growth and expansion of our Armenian community.  Please consider making a donation of your time and talents to helping on any of our many committees and volunteer efforts, or making a donation of financial resources

How Your Donation Can Help St. Sahag Church

​-- Help our parish grow as a community

-- Provide quality liturgies and fellowship 

-- Upgrade the church building and grounds

-- Help those in need within our parish
 and the surrounding community

--  Serve as Outreach for all, 
as a  driving force of change in the world  

How to give - How you can help!

"I chose you and 
I appointed you to 
go and bear fruit,
 fruit that will last."   

John 15:16

Donations can be made 
here via Bitcoin: 
Donations can be made
 here via DAF Direct: