We are the One Holy Universal Apostolic Orthodox Armenian Church       .

 We are the living body of Christ, the Christian Church of the Armenian people, the entire world-wide community of the Armenian nation. 
Founded in the first century by two of the Apostles of Jesus Christ, Saints Thaddeus and Bartholomew, 
we are one of the five ancient Eastern Oriental Orthodox churches. 

At the beginning of the fourth century, Armenia became the first nation in the world to declare Christianity as our state religion,
 through the work of our patron saint, St. Gregory the Illuminator, and the decree of King Trdat III. 

As one of the oldest national Christian churches, for more than 1,700 years we have steadfastly and devotedly followed Our Lord Jesus Christ, 
His teachings, the teachings of His Holy Apostles, Our sacred Church traditions, and the teachings of our graceful Saints and Church fathers.

Our Church is One, in that our Lord Jesus Christ founded one Church. Having been founded by the one Lord Jesus Christ, the Church has one faith, 
one liturgy, one hierarchy. The Armenian Church is one in herself and one with the great Church of our Lord, since she accepts and keeps 
the Church’s faith, teachings and practices, "as once delivered to the Saints" and as defined by the first three
 Ecumenical councils of Nicaea in 325 A.D, of Constantinople in 381 and of Ephesus in 431.

Our Church is Holy, because our Lord Jesus Christ made her Holy. The Armenian Church has produced many saints. Many of her members have been martyred 
and martyred for the sake of Jesus Christ. The first known Armenian saint and martyr is Saint Santoukht, the virgin daughter of King Sanatrouk.

Our Church is Universal, because she shares in the universality of the great Church of Christ, and she herself has continued to exist
 in spite of very great hardships throughout the centuries. Further, all faithful may join the Armenian Church.

Our Church is Apostolic, because it was founded directly by two of the twelve apostles, Saints Thaddeus and Bartholomew who ordained the first Armenian bishops.

Our Church is Orthodox, because it has the true faith of Christ.

Godfathers and Godmothers of Our Church

St. Paul the Apostle -- Hayes Family ​
St. Mark the Evangelist -- Julie Scallen  
St. Peter the Apostle -- Aram & Ruth Charchian 
St. Luke the Evangelist --  Eric and Nora Rottier 
St. Philip the Apostle -- Richard & Patricia Dolan 
St.  Bartholomew the Apostle -- Massis Yeterian  
St. Andrew the Apostle -- Azad & Karen Mesrobian 
St. Simon of Cana -- Naïry Digris & Terry McGibbon 
St. Thaddeus the Apostle -- Steve & Chacké Scallen 
St. Matthias the Apostle -- Francis & Barbara Bulbulian  
St. Thomas the Apostle -- Stephen & Margaret Merjanian  
St. Gregory the Enlightener -- Krikor & Joanne Mokhtarian 
St. John Alpheus the Apostle -- Vahram & Vali Kardashian 
St. James Zebedee the Apostle -- Vartkes & Laura Ehramjian 
St. John the Evangelist -- Arsham, Beatrice & Sita Ohanessian 
St. Matthew the Evangelist -- Kathie & Jaff Cafesjian Baradaran   

ARMENIAN FESTIVALGALLERY100th Anniversary of Armenian GenocideGIVINGRENT 

Saturday, September 7, 2002 was a very special day for the Armenians in Minnesota, and indeed, 
the upper Midwest. After more than 100 years since settling here, a dream has been realized. 

Throughout our history, the church has been the focal point of an Armenian community. It was here that people gathered for church services, meetings, social events - whatever the needs were - the church was the community's home. And now, the Armenians of Minnesota finally have a home.

St. Sahag Armenian Church was purchased in December, 2000. The edifice was built in 1912, by and for the Presbyterians. With their numbers dwindling, they made the decision to sell the building. The Armenian community had been searching a site for quite some time. We were most fortunate for those timely circumstances and for the generosity of benefactors, Chacké Yeterian Scallen and Massis Yeterian, that we were able to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

The first service took place on Saturday, January 15, 2001 with Fr. Yeprem Kelegian as celebrant. Thereafter, services were held quarterly and have now increased to weekly. 
One of the more significant events was erecting the sign on the grounds in front of the church. 
The words (St. Sahag Armenian Church) were the first Armenian letters to be displayed in this state. 
It was an extremely emotional moment.

Altar Design And Reconstruction

There is no question that the reconstruction of the altar area was a major project. This undertaking required the talent and skill of many professionals. Our community is most fortunate to have Francis Bulbulian, an extremely talented architect, who stepped forward and offered his services as a gift. There are not enough words to express our gratitude to Francis, who spent innumerable hours designing, coordinating, and overseeing every aspect of the project. It is his dedication and artistry that have given us an exquisite altar.

On the altar is a magnificent painting of Mary, the Mother of God, holding the Lord Jesus. This was not a simple painting. The requirements of this icon were specific, and it took a tremendous amount of research and follow-through to bring about the superior result. While many had input, Vahram Kardashian deserves a substantial share of the credit for this aspect of the altar.

Prospects For The Future

It may have taken 100 years, but Minnesota Armenians, like Armenians around the world, have held fast to their legacy of faith, tradition, depth and spirit. We have survived, endured, prospered, and contributed to every facet of society. In the words of William Saroyan, "Whenever two or three Armenians gather anywhere in the world, see if they will not create a new Armenia." Thanks to the excitement created by the opening of St. Sahag Armenian Church, as well as the deep dedication and boundless energy of this community, the future is bright indeed. 

Our church is also in communion
 with the sister churches of the other Oriental orthodox denominations
 including the the Syrian, Ethiopian,  
and Coptic Churches, and the 
 Malankaran Church of India

Our parish belongs to the 
 Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Orthodox Apostolic Church
which is affiliated with the Holy See
 of the Armenian Church, 
at Echmiadzin in Armenia.

We serve a  parish whose members hail from Minnesota, and the surrounding region of the eastern Dakotas,northern Iowa,
 and western Wisconsin.  
All are welcome!
Our  Armenian Church
Our History
The St Sahag Armenian Church 
is located at 203 Howell St,
in St Paul, Minnesota.